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If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Fashion manufacture Chanel 19M
Designed by Rudy Ricciotti, located between Paris and Aubervilliers, le19M has three missions: to create, to exhibit, and to exchange. 19 is for its arrondissement and for the date of Gabrielle Chanel's birthday. M stands for the words mains, mode and métier (hands, fashion and craftsmanship).​
It was Karl Lagerfeld who first decided to present the first Métiers d’Art show to perpetuate and honour the expertised artisans.
Now le19M brings together eleven Maisons d’arts, their teams and archives (Goossens; Lemarié and Lognon; Lesage, l'École Lesage and Lesage Intérieurs; Maison Michel; Massaro; Montex and Studio MTX; Paloma) as well as ERES, representing some 675 craftsmen and experts.
Le19M is also home to la Galerie du 19M, a free 1200 m2 cultural space open to the public since January 2022, focusing on the values of art and craftsmanship.
A platform for exhibitions, gatherings, discoveries, and the sharing of practices, la Galerie du 19M is a multifaceted space! Designed by Studio GGSV, its interior architecture is ideally suited to its polymorphous nature: amphitheatre, stage, showroom, store, workshops – the space is incredibly versatile. There are various spaces available for rent: l’Agora, la Galerie, la Terrasse, le Studio.
Besides everything, you could enjoy some of the unique creative workshops:

“Souvenirs de Mode” by Laurent Poleo-Garnier and Maison Lesage
Laurent Poleo-Garnier, the winner of the Picto Award, invites everyone to evoke a memory, an icon, an accessory, a look, or an attitude to sketch on paper. Guided by the artist, this drawing sequence will be followed by an introduction to embroidery on paper with the craftsmen of Maison Lesage.

Embroidery on notebook by Lucie Touré
As a textile and paper designer, handmade work is at the heart of Lucie Touré’s creative approach, thereby giving a precious and delicate quality to her materials.
Floral embroidery with Miyoko Yasumoto
Miyoko Yasumoto is a Franco-Japanese designer who creates the floral designs for la Galerie du 19M. For this workshop, Miyoko will introduce you to embroidery by creating a floral motif with a selection of dried flowers.

Bag jewellery workshop by About A Worker
With a selection of materials from Réserve des Arts, Atelier des Matières, and Atelier Montex combined with techniques from Maison Lemarié, let your imagination run wild as you compose a wonderful jewelry piece of your choice!

Every time you plan an event, think about an exclusive visit to this space!