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On the sunny highway
from Paris
to Cannes
At the beginning of October one of our clients went on a one-week trip, while the team was to visit both luxurious Paris and sunny Cannes. The motorway that connects Paris with the Côte d'Azur is what the French call "the sunny highway". So let us now go forth along this way!
The very first day out team starts with getting acquainted with Paris, after which we are headed for a dinner cruise on the small ship Bateaux Parisiens. Romance, lights, dancing, all with a view on the main sights of the City of Light. The final chord is the exit from the ship to the glitter of the Eiffel Tower – how can one resist and not take a selfie?
The following day, a lunch in one of the rooms of the legendary hotel Ritz Paris in the Place Vendôme awaits the group. This is where inspiration came to Marcel Proust, Ernest Hemingway, Georges Sand and Jean-Paul Sartre. Crowned heads and movie stars are still visiting it for dinner. Hemingway himself wrote about Ritz Paris: "You should come here with the hope of forgetting, meeting, discovering".
After lunch it is time to go shopping and walk around the city. Paris wants to drag us into its festive atmosphere until dawn, but we will be careful, because the next morning we have to get up early and go to the airport. It is a good thing our hotel InterContinental Paris Le Grand is right in the middle: Opéra Garnier and Galerie Lafayette as well as many restaurants are nearby…
It is only an hour and a half on a plane between Paris and Nice, and here we have the azure sea, the sun and the palm trees. As soon as we arrive at the hotel InterContinental Carlton Cannes someone goes to the beach, and someone continues shopping. Our first dinner in Cannes takes place in the Carlton Restaurant, where we raise our glasses to the continuation of the holiday!
The next day belongs entirely to Monaco. The first part of the trip is traditional – we walk around the Old city and visit the Prince's palace. After learning about the ruling family, we head for lunch at the other end of this country - at the hotel Monte-Carlo Beach, in the restaurant Le Deck overlooking the pool and further on the sea and the skyscrapers of the Monegasques.
On the way back to Cannes our driver takes us along Formula One circuit in Monaco. We don't come first to the finish line, but the whole team is incredibly happy.
On the last day before the flight home we go for a boat trip to the island of Saint-Honorat, the second largest of the Lérins Islands opposite Cannes. This fabulous oasis of tranquility for centuries has been a place of residence for monks, who make wine and collect olives.
The legend has it that Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was trained at a monastery on this island.
Twenty minutes out at sea, and we return to the port of Cannes to visit the local market Forville (Marché Forville) – here we plunge into the tastings of oysters, cheeses and wine after which the team buys French specialties to share them later with family and friends.
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