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Your next event in Chantilly
The estate of Chantilly is a discovery we made for our customers in 2018. In spite of the fact that the estate with an old castle has existed for a long time, it entered the Russian corporate market just recently. This year, many of our clients have chosen Chantilly for different events – from business conferences to wedding anniversaries. What is it that attracts to Chantilly? Read our story below.
On one of his visits to France, American president Nixon exclaimed: "Why have I been taken seven times to Versailles and never once here?" The estate of Chantilly is located in an area of 7800 hectares. The garden of Chantilly was laid out by Jean-Baptiste Le Blond, he would then create the park complex of the Royal Versailles.
The main "gem" of the estate is certainly its castle. Built in the 16th century, the Château de Chantilly is connected to four powerful French dynasties: Montmorency, Condé, d'Orgemont and d'Aumale. The castle's art gallery, the Musée Condé, has the rarest library and the second most valuable collection of art paintings after the Louvre. Here are the creations of Raphael, Botticelli, Delacroix, Poussin.
The estate of Chantilly is very convenient to get to – just 20 minutes by car from Paris Airport Charles de Gaulle. It is a perfect place for a business event - unlike the ever-swirling Paris, people are in an isolated place, and all the attention is fully focused on work.
The hotel Auberge du Jeu de Paume offers 92 rooms, Michelin restaurant La Table du Connétable, rooms for any special occasions and spa Valmont with an area of 600 sq. m., which includes swimming pool, sauna, hammam and Turkish bath. The 18th century rooms décor allows to immerse oneself in the atmosphere of the French royal times. The hotel is situated almost on the Chantilly estate property, which makes possible visiting the castle on foot. The hotel is owned by Price Karim Agha-Khan IV, spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslim community.
The Château de Chantilly alone offers several halls for holding private events. The Renaissance Deer Gallery, created in the end of the 19th century, provided an ideal setting for receptions and banquets. Every Sunday, the Duke of Aumale used to receive here the creative and intellectual elite of France. This place can accommodate 110 people for cocktail and 50 people for dinner.
The Chantilly's Art Gallery gives an opportunity to host a dinner among the rich collection of art paintings. 85 masterpieces from the collection of the Musée Condé are presented here. Cocktails for 200 guests and dinners for 160 guests are available in this room.
The Tribune Hall is named after an octagonal hall of the same name at the Uffizi gallery in Florence. The Duke of Aumale decided to make this place a panorama of the history of art. Two walls showcase the Renaissance paintings: one wall is dedicated to the 17-18th centuries French and Dutch schools of art and the rest two display the works of the French painters of the 19th century. Neoclassicism and Romantism are also introduced here. The hall offers space for up to 50 persons for cocktails and 40 persons for dinners.
The château takes pride in its large halls with an exceptional collection of art, furniture and paintings. A local guide can give your group a private tour, and your dinner or cocktail can be arranged in one of the castle's largest rooms called the Battle Gallery, where the Princes of Condé solemnly welcomed their high-ranking guests. This room can hold cocktails for 100 people and dinners for 50 people.
On the territory of the estate there are also notable places created for memorable events. One of these is La Maison de Sylvie (The House of Sylvie), built in the 17th century with a view of the pond. Sylvie – that's what the poet Theophile de Viau would call the Duchess of Montmorency, to whom he dedicated "The Ten Odes to Sylvie". The French King Henri IV loved to relax here during his travels to Chantilly. The house is noteworthy for paintings and tapestries depicting hunting scenes, as well as a remarkable 19th century rotunda. It is a perfect place for gala receptions and conferences – the building has been recently renovated and now there are 5 reception rooms. At the House of Sylvie, it is possible to have dinner for 150 people and cocktail for 200 people.
On the estate of Chantilly there is a unique building Le Jeu de Paume, created in the 18th century for playing … tennis! Though it was only a prototype of the game we know today - then the game was called je de paume (palm play), where the ball was kicked over a net or rope with hands, bats or racquets. In the 19th century the building became a museum gallery and in 2012 it was completely renovated and is now ready to host special occasions and exclusive events. It can accommodate 200 guests for dinner and 250 guests for cocktail. Next to the building is the hotel Auberge du Jeu de Paume.
The Chantilly estate is proud of its stables built in the 18th century – the largest stables in Europe. It is a real palace for horses, which today contains the Museum of the Horse, where once dined King Louis XV of France, King Frederick II of Prussia and Emperor of the Russian Empire Paul I. Doesn't it verify the exclusiveness of the place?
For your events a horse show or a visit to the horse races, that have been held at the estate since 1834, can be specially arranged. In summer, riders take part in the prestigious Grand Prix du Jockey Club and Grand Prix de Diane.
François Vatel, the famous maître d'hôtel to the Prince of Condé, will be pleased to welcome you in his old kitchens, where legendary gala dinners for French elite were being prepared. Today there is a restaurant La Capitainerie, where you can taste the crème Chantilly according to authentic recipe (the author of this dish, known to us as whipped cream, is the owner of the local kitchens - François Vatel), and if the weather is good, dine on the terrace outside.
La Table du Connétable is a gastronomic Michelin restaurant overlooking the gardens of Château de Chantilly, the pride of the hotel Auberge du Jeu de Paume. Chef Julien Lucas had spent his childhood in a family restaurant and always dreamed of becoming chef. Prior to joining team in Chantilly, he worked at the Epicure restaurant at the Bristol Hotel in Paris and at the Alain Ducasse's restaurant on the Eiffel Tower. Besides being a culinary prodigy, the Chef also plays the piano beautifully…
Julien Lucas,
Chef at
La Table du Connétable

It is from Chantilly that the famous road to the vine region of Champagne begins. Having visited the French princes, one may continue the journey with a trip to Reims, in which cathedral the French kings were crowned, and a visit to the Champagne capital of Épernay, where the main French Champagne Houses are waiting for you to taste their wines: Moët & Chandon, Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot...