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Cognac: birthplace of "Liquor of the gods" and French king
Small and cozy town of Cognac in two hours' drive from Bordeaux is famous around the world – only in its vicinity a strong alcoholic drink eligible to be called "cognac" or, according to Victor Hugo, the "liquor of the gods" is produced.
Not far from Cognac there is an elegant estate of the 17th century Le Logis Grey Goose, that belongs today to the house of Bacardi and is an exclusive place to rest while getting to know the region. Which magazines have not written articles about it: GQ, Esquire, Marie Claire... And this is not surprising because here you get a special look at art de vivre, the French "art of living".
Le Logis Grey Goose
"Le Logis Grey Goose" has 15 guest bedrooms – all located on the upper floor. You can soak up the sun at the pool during the day, play petanque, or go cycling in the picturesque vineyards. In the evening cocktail master classes are available: Le Logis barmen share the secrets of the art of mixology and teach how to make the signature cocktail Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz. Small conferences can also be held on the estate.
In the kitchen guests can always enjoy fresh French cheeses, fruits and the freshest bread made by the manor's baker from the wheat of the northern region of Picardy - it is from this wheat that the best French pastry is created. Boulangerie bread making master classes are hosted by Le Logis baker for all the guests of the manor.
Breakfast at Le Logis Grey Goose
For those interested, a master class on opening oysters is available.
While staying at Le Logis, a whole day should be undoubtedly dedicated to cognac tasting at the famous cognac houses of the region. For example, the Cognac house of Baron Otard at present is situated in the ancient Valois castle in Cognac. It was here that the French King Francis I of Angoulême was born. Some parts of the castle were built according to Leonardo da Vinci plans. Just imagine what it's like to taste cognac here!
One of the preferred brands is the Hennessy Cognac House. The mansion was started by the Irish immigrant and French army officer Richard Hennessy. His cognac had conquered the world instantly – among its admirers were Louis XVI and Nicholas I.
The Cognac house of Courvoisier in Jarnac appeared on the map of France in 1835 and a few years later became the official cognac supplier to the French imperial court.
Martell Cognac House labels are decorated with a flying swallow – according to legend, this bird led the young Jean Martell to the city of Cognac where he started his own business.
The symbol of the Cognac house of Rémy Martin is a centaur. To decode its meaning is fairly easy: centaurs are hardy, patient and passionate creatures that embody the idea of winemaking.
Like in an old French movie, vintage cars can drive you along the country roads to the places of cognac tasting…
In Cognac you can stay for lunch in the fine dining restaurant Les Foudres or in a private guest salon at the Club Rémy Martin.
Les Foudres