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If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
In the arms of Saône and Rhône
We have just returned from Lyon and immediately began dreaming about a new trip to Lyon. Imagine the letter Y in the name of the city Lyon is the confluence of two rivers — Sones and Rhones in one. One of them is female, the other is male! If you haven't been
to Lyon yet, here are a few stories. Well, let's start from the beginning:
Here it is, the dream hotel: "Intercontinental Lyon Hotel Dieu" is located on the banks of the Rhone, near the Place Bellecour, the Theater de Celestines and the Cathedral of St. Jean.
Built by benedictine monks as Hotel Dieu, or "God's House", today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What is more, the dome's height amazes the imagination with its 26 meters, under which there is a bar Le Dôme — here you can begin your journey of tasting excellent Burgundy wines.
Let us pay a visit to the real gastronomic Mecca of the city — to the Paul Bocuse market. It was here that the legendary Lyon chef, the owner of the Michelin guide stars and the nickname of the Pope of French Gastronomy, made purchases. Visiting the market is truly a pleasure in the Rabelaisian style. The luxurious rows of cheeses, sausages, fish, spices, sauces, vegetables, fruits and, of course, excellent wines are a real visual feast, and the tasting will definitely become one of the most memorable events of the trip to Lyon.
Bright green boxes in the form of pillows will not escape your attention. Inside there are candies of the same shape. Just on such a cushion in 1643, a city procession solemnly carried a golden crown to the hill of the Virgin Mary, and kneeled in prayer of saving the city from the plague.
Oyster lovers will have a special pleasure: at Les Halles de Lyon, oysters are brought from all the "oyster" corners of France. You can eat them right away or take them with you.
At the same time, the prices for this delicacy product are quite acceptable – it is not surprising that the market has become a traditional meeting place for "oyster eaters".

"Let's go to Bocuse" — that's what they say in Lyon, meaning a pilgrimage to the center of French haute cuisine — to the legendary chef's restaurant. The hallmark is the famous truffle soup, which was created especially for the dinner of President Valerie Giscard d'Estaing, and since then has always been served in Bocuse restaurants under the name Soupe V.G.E.
We should definitely continue our gastronomic journey in the traditional bouchon — home-cooked dishes were prepared here, which in the XVII century were the main symbol of the art of living à la lyonnaise. By the way, the chef Paul Bocuse began his journey just in a bouchon belonging to Eugenie Brazier, who is considered the queen of the "Mothers of Lyon". She opened her first cafe "La Mère Brazier" in 1921, and Charles de Gaulle himself liked to eat at her place.
We are going to the real treasury of the Medici times — to the Chateau de Cormatin.
The castle was built in the 17th century by the military administrator of the commune of Chalons, who to emphasize his status gave the Renaissance structure the features of a military structure: turrets at the corners, loopholes, a base of unfinished stone.
The Marquise's room with blue lapis lazuli ceilings, the Hall of mirrors turned into a "cabinet of curiosities", the Marquis's luxurious Study, gardens with a boxwood maze, Velasquez paintings... It is not surprising that King Louis XIII and Cardinal
Richelieu spent the night in all this splendor!
During the Belle Epoque, the castle was owned by the director of the Monte Carlo Opera House, Raoul Gansburg. He changed the concept of the interior, furnishing the rooms in the Byzantine and Renaissance style, and hosted famous guests — Chaliapin, Caruso, Jules Massenet and Cecile Sorel.
"It is simply impossible to own a winery. You can only be a guardian whose task is to pass it on to future generations." – This is the motto of Domaine Jacques Prieur. We will visit the Puligny Montrachet farm, where an exquisite, harmonious white wine of the Chardonnay variety is produced. It was this wine that Alexander Dumas advised drinking "kneeling and taking off his hat."
We will stay at the hotel for a gastronomic lunch Olivier Leflev, where you can learn all about Burgundy wines, and later taste them at the Klima restaurant. The name of the restaurant in Greek means “the inclination of the earth to the pole". And this is the perfect declaration of love for the vines, the fabulous terroir, these hills and, of course, a tribute to the climate of Burgundy!
The city of Beaune is not only the former residence of the dukes of Burgundy and the former capital of the Côte d'Or region, it is also footage from the well–known and beloved film "The Big Walk" with Louis de Funes and Bourvil.
The incredible beauty of the Hotel-Dieu hospital, in which the famous comedy scenes were filmed, is the number one attraction in Beaune. Its Gothic-style architecture is admired by the trim of the roof made of glazed Burgundy tiles. The hospital was originally intended for the poor residents of Bon and the surrounding area, and later became a place for auctions of the best brands of wines born at the winery "Beaune almshouses".