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If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Paris, Paris, I feel love...
A nice start would be addressing this city in the words of Malcolm McLaren and sharing with you three Parisian stories — a new hotel, new restaurants in a well-known for you hotel and endless pleasures in one of the most famous galleries of the city!
We have a new address in Paris: Hotel La Fantaisie on rue Cadet. The hotel opened just a month ago, it will only take a short walk from the Opera Garnier. A "fantasy hotel" arises around a courtyard garden (remember Alice in Wonderland and Mysterious Gardens?), this is definitelly the best place for your cocktail!
Well, it is also a game with the name of the street, in honor of brothers and master gardeners Jacques and Jean Cadet. Lovers of the exquisite Swedish design, this way! Hotel is an elegant work by Martin Brudnicki.
Have you ever seen the Golden Poppy? Of course, it's hard to imagine a poppy being golden if you've never been to California. The great Dominique Crenn (the first and only chef with three Michelin stars in the USA) returns to her native France and
opens the Golden Poppy restaurant here.
A kitchen that makes you happy - put lunch or dinner here in your itinerary along with a new exhibition at the Pinot Foundation or a visit to the Dior Gallery — cuisine as art!
Hotel de Crillon... this is an example of art de vivre, a synonym for creative metamorphoses and a long-awaited project on which a whole galaxy of design stars worked. The participants were Tristan Oer, master of the exquisite palette and connoisseur of antiques Shahan Minasyan, architect Cyril Verniol. The overall management was carried out by architect Richard Martinet and art director Alin Asmar d'Аmman. Landscape guru Louis Benes had a hand in landscaping terraces and courtyards. The imposing uniform for the staff was sewn by Hugo Mata.
Two suites were designed by Karl Lagerfeld — they got the name Les Grands Apartments. The title of the creative director of Chanel and Fendi has always been synonymous with luxury, and besides, Lagerfeld is known as a great connoisseur of art history and, above all, of the XVIII century. It was at that time, commissioned by Louis XV, that the palace was built, it was the residence of Dukes de Crillon, where Marie Antoinette took piano lessons, and today it remains a hotel. As Rada Arora, president of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, said, "no one feels Paris and the legacy of De Crillon better than Mr. Lagerfeld."
Each suite has its own history and its own designer. For example, some elements of the original wooden furniture of the Duc de Crillon suite, which used to be the private chapel of the Duc de Crillon family, are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
And the feminine suite of Marie Antoinette, made in pearl-gray pastel tones with pink accents, is presented as if the French queen herself lived in it.
Plan your day in Paris — start with breakfast or afternoon tea at the Jardin d'Hiver, and continue at the gastronomic restaurant L'Ecrin or Butterfly Pâttisserie, in a new pastry shop led by a chef Mathieu Carlina. We will continue in the gastronomic restaurant
L'Ecrin or at the Nonos & Comestibles Grill Bar. It is necessary to spend an evening with a cocktail from the famous bar Les Ambassadeurs, which will enchant you with its 18th-century interiors, live music and a collection of more than 100 brands of champagne!

Chef Boris Campanella, who draws his inspiration from regional traditions of Sicily and Savoy, will cook for you.
In addition to the exclusive rooms, the hotel also has a luxurious wellness space with a swimming pool, the bottom of which is decorated with a hand-assembled mosaic panel (17,600 mosaic tiles) by the famous ceramic master Peter Lane. It was this part of the work that became the most difficult and expensive project in the renovation of the hotel.
One day my friend being in Paris, said that tomorrow he was doing nothing but the Gallery, he needed a whole day to enjoy this art. I began to guess which art Gallery we were talking about and where such a popular exhibition is taking place in Paris now —
it was about the Galeries Lafayette! Be sure to have a day in reserve with you when you are going to Paris and give it completely to the Lafayette Gallery!
The magical world of Grandes Magazines (I don't want to translate as Big Stores, those that are more than 150 years old should only be referred to as Great Stores) — Emile Zola wrote about them in "Ladies' Happiness", films and TV series have already been made about them, they were prophesied a short century, but no! When you open the doors and get into the magical world of Galeries Lafayette, you don't want to leave it at all. And it's not just about shopping — they understand perfectly well that even the best stores will be few; and it is not possible to stay all day without leaving for lunch and dinner — this gastronomic world has a whole Gourmet building. What else, you say?
The gallery has prepared for you a number of exclusive events in the spirit of "Made in France": a master class on cooking macaroni cakes, a gastronomic master class from a famous chef from the prestigious Ferrandi Paris school, a seasonal fashion show that can be done only for you and your customers, a historical and educational excursion to behind the scenes of a department store, a walk inside the legendary dome. Remember when Harrods opened for Princess Diana before the official opening, so as not to interfere with the spending spree of the Princess. The Lafayette Gallery will do the same for you — just you and the beauty around you!

We will be happy to make your visit to the Gallery unforgettable!
And on the top floor, next to the famous dome of designer Jacques Gruber, there is a terrace with a stunning panoramic view of Paris: you can see the Opera Garnier building, the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower... And, of course, enjoy the sunset and delicious dishes of Créatures and Tortuga restaurants under the guidance
of Chef Julien Sebbaga.