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If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Three reasons to be in Paris
For some, Paris is an echoing twilight of Notre Dame, the quiet whisper of tourists in the halls of the Louvre and the almost deserted island of Saint Louis, built up with ancient mansions. For some, the capital of France is primarily the Eiffel Tower, and modern architects go to Paris to be inspired by the avant-garde lines of the Defense quarter and the tower Montparnasse.

We offer you our 3 reasons to go to this amazing city!
On Verneuil Street, in a house covered with graffiti, the doors to the residence of the idol of millions, Serge Gainsbourg, opened last year.
A great provocateur and sex symbol of the 60s, an artist in every sense of the word, a man with amazing charisma — Serge Gainsbourg tried his hand at the literary field, directed four films and was a screenwriter in five, played in more than 15 films and wrote music for more than 40 films...
"I just starred in France in the film "Slogan", the main role
in it was played by the man I love. His name is Serge Gainsbourg.
He's a little weird, but I love him."

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg quickly became the most fashionable couple in the country, and in 1969 released the joint single Je t'aime... moi non plus, which became the best-selling in the country! The Pope officially banned the explicit song with Birkin's moans, it was refused to be put on many European radio stations, but the song still became a worldwide hit.
"Gainsbourg's piano, his typewriter, a pack of Gitanes, a bust of Jane Birkin and bottles of her perfume in the bathroom... Everything was frozen in time, as if we had returned to the past. Unless the fridge is empty. It seems that he is about to enter," says Charlotte Gainsbourg, Serge's daughter. — I thought about giving up the apartment, but I couldn't. As if it were a family treasure that I am responsible for."
"I have more books than shelves for them. And I've read them all.
I'm like Schwarzenegger, just pumping my brains. I'm a brain builder."

A laconic sign with crossed L and seven, two large square stylish storefronts… The publishing house "7L", specializing in books about visual knowledge, was opened in 1999 by Karl Lagerfeld himself. The maestro knows a lot not only about fashion, but also about design, architecture, photography, so the range here is not limited to fashion albums and books by Lagerfeld himself. His library has about 300,000 volumes in many languages!
The opening, which has been awaited for many years, is the completion of restoration work in the first building The Richelieu National Library of France.

Once it was the royal collection of Louis XIV books, and now it is the world's largest information center dedicated to art, archaeology and cultural heritage. The 58,000m² space includes five reading rooms, including the magnificent Oval Hall and the Hall of Labor, permanent exhibition space and 22 million documents.
On the ground floor there is The Museum of medals, in addition, the library houses the throne of the king of the Merovingian dynasty, the chess of Charlemagne, and the galleries have a museum with an area of 1200 m² in seven halls of which more than 900 works are exhibited. Among the most valuable exhibits: Notre Dame Cathedral Victor Hugo and the "Second Sex" of Simone de Beauvoir.