je t’aime - official partner 2023
The team of like-minded people infatuated with France started a company to share the joy, the happiness, the passion of staying in this amazing land of discoveries that happen here all over the place. Here, one finds everything — the southern sea, the northern sea, the ocean and the most beautiful mountains, the cuisine and the best, not just in France, but in the whole world, wine and literature, the theatre and the fashion.
Motivated by happiness — this is what one may call any corporate event in France.

The land of innovations that can be proud of the invention of cinematography, hot air balloon, aqualung, brassiere, mayonnaise, stethoscope, internal combustion engine, Braille formats for the blind, food preservations, hairdryer, chandelier and Statue of Liberty, might also take pride in an endless joyful emotion, which everyone arriving here on business or holiday gets overcome with.
  • Marseille, the most masculine city in France
    What makes us say that Marseille is the most masculine city in France? Let us tell you a few reasons we have in mind.
  • Cognac: birthplace of «Liquor of the gods» and French king
    Small and cozy town of Cognac in two hours' drive from Bordeaux is famous around the world thanks to the «liquor of the gods».
  • Lyon: the happy union between gastronomy and wine
    The capital of world gastronomy, the birthplace of cinema and Paul Bocuse, the center of textile industry in France – it is all about Lyon.
  • Alsace: Strasbourg fusion & romantic Colmar
    In the early February we set for a journey through Alsace to get acquainted with the hotel product, visit Strasbourg and Colmar.
  • Enotherapy and gastronomy in Bordeaux
    In August we visited Bordeaux and its surroundings including the best wines in the world and Michelin restaurants in our program.
  • On the sunny highway from Paris to Cannes
    At the beginning of October one of our clients went on a one-week trip, while the team was to visit both luxurious Paris and sunny Cannes.
    Ella's love for France and confidence that the most unforgettable projects are to be implemented in France, prompted her to start a French DMC alongside her associates.
  • Elena NEMTSOVA
    According to Elena, only the highest level of expertise, guaranteeing impeccable service in today's challenging world of MICE events, is the «gem» that corporate customers are looking for in DMC.
  • Anton KONEV
    Project Manager
    French culture admirer and connoisseur of the best locations in France.
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